Addicted to You - Krista Ritchie & Becca Ritchie

Addicted to You

By Krista Ritchie & Becca Ritchie

  • Release Date: 2014-05-22
  • Genre: New Adult
Score: 4.5
From 931 Ratings


Book #1 in the Addicted series

She’s addicted to sex. He’s addicted to booze…the only way out is rock bottom.

No one would suspect shy Lily Calloway’s biggest secret. While everyone is dancing at college bars, Lily stays in the bathroom. To get laid. Her compulsion leads her to one-night stands, steamy hookups and events she shamefully regrets. The only person who knows her secret happens to have one of his own.

Loren Hale’s best friend is his bottle of bourbon. Lily comes at a close second. For three years, they’ve pretended to be in a real relationship, hiding their addictions from their families. They’ve mastered the art of concealing flasks and random guys that filter in and out of their apartment.

But as they sink beneath the weight of their addictions, they cling harder to their destructive relationship and wonder if a life together, for real, is better than a lie. Strangers and family begin to infiltrate their guarded lives, and with new challenges, they realize they may not just be addicted to alcohol and sex.

Their real vice may be each other.


  • 100000/10

    By Bbyxdaya
    I swear this book set me on an emotional rollercoaster. considering i’m not in the age group to read this book i’d day i did pretty good reading it and instead of being “grossed out” actually trying to understand lily’s situation. it’s crazy what world they live in, the way they have to lie about not only their secrets but they lie about the life they have towards one another to each other, if that made sense. i’m 15 and I honestly thought this book was so well written and put together. the wording is amazing. I definitely would not have finished this book if I wasn’t as mature as I am. I feel like to understand this book fully, you need to know ur maturity level. Don’t really think it matters on age. to end this super long and annoying paragraph I just wanted to say I will for sure finish this series from beginning to end
  • Amazing read

    By Rsands87
    This book took me through a lot of twists and turns but I enjoyed the rollercoaster that was this book. I’ve never been addicted to anything but I understood that it wasn’t something you could just give up because someone wanted you to. You had to want it for yourself and only you could make it happen. These characters had to learn that and they had to learn that together they can be strong but also weak. They learned the hard way that love doesn’t conquer all without work and until they really worked for it they would never conquer anything. This was an amazing book and I loved going through the ride with them.
  • Nasty

    By straighttalker198
    Vomit inducing! The guy is so judgmental about the girls addiction. Yet the guy is literally killing himself with alcohol poisoning! Such double standards!

    By ImJaclyn
    This is my most FAVORITE series EVER. Written by my most favorite authors ever! You HAVE to buy this book! It will be the greatest decision you've ever made. I promise.
  • Speechless

    By Katherine Martinez
    I read a post about this series talking about how it changes your life, after reading it I can say it does. I enjoy all these books so much, they're touching, realistic, and raw. Don't judge a book by its cover is all I can say.
  • Couldn't put it down

    By Amaryllis16
    I'm addicted to this book (pun intended). I'm coming down from the flu but found myself scrolling until 2am to find out what happens next. It's THAT good! Parts of the story was redundant but I love the character development and can't wait to read about the other Calloway sisters. I'm such a sucker for smart characters, smart mouths- they're my type! 😍
  • Heartfelt

    By Jckcbck
    Not your typical romance, but this is totally a love story. Books don't often make me cry but this one did. It was so good.
  • READ IT!

    By FizzleForce
    I have read hundreds of books and this is one of my favorite series of all time! There is nothing else like this series, it is amazing! I will read anything by these authors and am impatiently waiting for their new releases! Definitely recommend checking out Becca & Krista's website as well! They have a ton of bonus material for this series on there as well! Truly my favorite authors of all time!
  • Wow!

    By Megan726383763
    Love the book. Well written. Intriguing. Can't put it down. I felt like I was with them the whole time. Can't wait to read more!
  • Addicted Series

    By NolaWin65
    This is a really messed up series. You have to be really messed up to write about something like this and/or to read it and enjoy it. Who would create this crap as fiction and how miserable would your life have to be to read this miserable crap and like it. Reading about a bunch of dysfunctional,enabling, and co-dependent people is not my idea of enjoyment. Normal people walk away from this and not invite it into their lives.