YouTubers - Chris Stokel-Walker


By Chris Stokel-Walker

  • Release Date: 2019-05-02
  • Genre: Digital Media


Jake Paul, PewDiePie and Zoella shape the daily lives of millions of fans, from London to Los Angeles. And their power is growing. Two billion people now watch YouTube.

Yet its stars are a mystery to the general public and media. What is the secret of their appeal? How do they cope with being in front of the lens? And who is behind their success?

Chris Stokel-Walker has spoken to more than 100 insiders for the first independent, in-depth book on YouTube. He charts its rise from single home video to global boom industry – while getting the facts on brand deals, burnout and authenticity.

Delve into the real lives of YouTubers, discover their outsized impact on society, and grasp our connected future. 

'No one understands the intricacies of YouTube like Chris Stokel-Walker. His reporting on the platform and its creators has been ground breaking and unparalleled.' – Taylor Lorenz, The Atlantic

'Full of entertaining dispatches from the front line of streaming, Stokel-Walker has written the preeminent guide to the new celebrity world - and what it means for the rest of us.' – Sam Parker, Esquire

'If you want to understand the inner workings of your favourite YouTube influencers, or perhaps if you want to understand why your children are always talking about them, you should read this book. It’s smart, sweeping, and significant.' – Simon Clark, YouTuber