Sweet Home Louisiana - Erin Nicholas

Sweet Home Louisiana

By Erin Nicholas

  • Release Date: 2019-05-07
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 98 Ratings


A sexy, small town, second chance romance.

Thanks to a drawn-up-while-drinking-moonshine partnership agreement, Madison Allain has to spend thirty days back on the bayou before she can sell her part of the family business.

And if the heat and humidity and freaking alligators of Louisiana aren’t enough to agitate the cool and in-control California girl, then Owen Landry, the equally hot guy who stole her heart twelve years ago, will sure do the trick.

Owen just has to remember three simple-ish rules: Do not fight with her. Do not fight over her. Do not kiss her. He can do this. He’s charming and friendly for a living after all. But this is Maddie. The only woman to ever shake up this laid-back bayou boy.

Besides, she’s not staying. No way. These people and this town make her crazy. She doesn’t want to be crazy. She definitely does not want to own a swamp boat tour company. She just wants to paint. In her quiet, beautiful, alligators-not-allowed, air-conditioned art studio.

As for that hot bayou boy? Well, he’s…amazing. But he belongs here in the South. And she definitely doesn’t. Even if her heart stays behind when she leaves.


  • Sexy, fun, second chance romance

    By mj_toth
    Maddie and Owen are amazing together. They fell in love as teenagers and then crazy things happened in Maddie’s family which drove her away from Autre. Now she is back so she can sell her share of Boys of the Bayou but being back puts her right back in Owen’s orbit. Will she be able to steel her heart against him? Or will his charm capture her yet again? Owen is excited and dreading Maddie’s return. He never stopped loving her but when she left, she hurt him. He wants to show her that Autre is her home but when he finds out what California gives her, will he let her go again? The Landry family is so much fun to read, what a great cast of characters that love fiercely and are devoted to caring for their own, no matter what the cost.
  • Review: Boys of the Bayou 2: Sweet Home Louisiana

    By @LisaHines711
    Sweet Home Louisiana by Erin Nicholas is the second book in her Boys of the Bayou series. Easy to read, told in dual POV, with everyday normal relatable characters and a wonderful setting in Autre, Louisiana and the Boys of the Bayou tour company. Coming from an airboating household in Central Florida I completely appreciated the descriptive scenery and the airboat and alligator references. I found it accurate and it made me want to get my guy to fire the boat up and go for a ride. The emotion runs high between the two main characters, Madison and Owen, and the chemistry does too. Add in a crazy cajun family and this made for a funny, romantic, sexy tale. It was absolutely awesome. It also had wonderful secondary characters that will get you completely invested in the series. This is my first time reading this author but it will NOT be the last. ENJOY!!!
  • Great trip to the bayou

    By Staci1970
    New Orleans has always been at the top of my list of places I want to visit. I think I now need to add Autre, Louisiana to that list. Second chance romance has always been my favorite kind of romance, and Owen and Maddie are now at the top of my list of favorites. I knew at the end of Josh’s book that there was going to be quite the story there, and their actual story did not disappoint. Maddie inherited her brother’s share of the business when he passed away. She now wants to sell her portion to someone new who has never lived in the bayou. I cannot wait to see how that plays out! The rules of the business state she must be involved in the business for 30 days prior to selling so she uproots her life in California. I loved this story and loved watching them rediscover their love. I highly recommend it. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Sweet Home Louisiana

    By Jen G F
    ARC for honest review with no compensation Sweet Home Louisiana is book 2 in the Boys of the Bayou by Erin Nicholas and OMG...so love Owen and the gang!! Maddie and Owen have a past but she left... now she’s back in the bayou to sell her share of the business she inherited when her brother died... so she can get back to her life in California. Can Owen convince her not to sell and realize her life will be so much better in the Bayou and with him? What happens next will keep you on your toes... steamy second chance romance, laughs, crazy people, and finding where you truly belong!!
  • Overall good read

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    While I enjoyed the style of writing and flow of the storyline that Erin provided, this wasn’t my favorite book. It might have been the person that Maddie had turned into, because when Erin was writing about what she had done years ago with Owen, I really liked her. I felt that Owen and the guys were working so hard and compromising with Maddie but she was so in her own head that she was not receptive to anything they brought to the table. I really liked the character of Owen, who was a total alpha yet didn’t settle for anything he didn’t think was best for him. As I continued to read, I doubted that Maddie and Owen would end up back together, but thankfully these stories end with a HEA. Overall it was a good read, but maybe read the first book in the series before this one because it might fill in some of the blanks and answer some of the questions I had. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • LOL Fun!!

    By kmmichels
    LOL. That was me while reading this book. I had so much fun with Owen and Maddie. The family that all of the characters make made me happy. I was rooting for the second chance for the bayou boy and the “city girl” the whole time. Their chemistry was off the charts, and Ms. Nicholas made it all work out in the end! My favorite type of story. Cannot wait for the next one...
  • Bayou Steamy

    By KellyMcClure
    I didn’t think it was possible to love any book series more than I loved the Sapphire Falls series. TJ and Hope were the ultimate couple and I think I actually lived there in another life. This Boys of the Bayou series may seriously compete. The Landry clan has been nothing but entertaining and heartwarming and all about big love!! This is the story of Maddie and Owen. While there is some sadness as to the background of their love story, the humorous adventures (setting fires, taking apart vehicles…) and the steamy present storyline more than makes up for it. Maddie has to endure 30 days, just 30 days, in the Bayou to be out forever….but Owen has other plans for her. Can he convince her where she belongs? And who gets blown up or incapacitated while he does it? Love this story and so appreciate the way second chance lovers always endure….
  • Love the Boys of teh Bayou - Crazy Fun.

    By Bobaloupy
    Crazy Fun. The Boy’s of the Bayou just keep it rolling from book to book. The author has given us another RomCom that is not only hilarious but very heartfelt and so very much a cajun style romance. In case you don’t know it, cajun people are 100 percent family. Everyone knows everyone’s business and everyone has a opinion on everything. But when push comes to shove, no one sticks together more for each other than cajun bayou folks. (FYI, I know this as I lived much of my adult life in Louisiana). The author has done an Outstanding job of portraying cajun life on the bayou - the fun, the work and the family life style. Madison has returned to the Bayou to fulfill the 30 days require in order to sell her portion of the family business. Madison have been living in California and has no desire to return to life on the Bayou, which is exactly what the boys who own the other shares of the business are trying to get her to do. The family is hoping after 30 days she’ll return to her roots and not sell. But Madison has other plans. She has to sell because 1) she loves her life in California where she gets to paint and work in a plush art gallery and 2) because she can’t live near her old flame Owen. Why? Because he drives her crazy and every time they are together things seem to go wrong and crazy stuff happens. As for Owen he wants her to stay but he knows her happiness is in California and no longer on the Bayou and he’ll do anything to make her happy, even if it means she sells to an outsider. This is a very funny book that will have you laughing at the family’s antics and hoping for a happy ending for Owen and Madison. I Highly Recommend the Boys of the Bayou series. While they can be read as standalones, the characters in the books crossover and it’s much more entertaining if you read them in order. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars for a great book 2 and this reader is anxiously waiting for book 3.
  • Sweet, Sexy & Charming

    By KindleKat64
    So far this Boys of the Bayou series is proving to be so sweet, sexy, charming and fun! I am totally loving it! I loved book one with Josh and Tori and Erin Nicholas has hooked me in again with Owen and Maddie. Unlike the first book, this couple has quite a history between them from when they were teenagers, so Owen and Maddie's story is ultimately a second chance for the adult versions of these adorably crazy, protective and sweet people to get things right this time around. Because of her brother Tommy's death, Maddie now owns a share in the Boy of the Bayou, but she has been living in California for 12 years now, and not interested in being part of it at all, or so she thought. She wants to sell her share, but the boys, Owen, Josh and Sawyer, make her come spend 30 days back in Autre before they will allow such a thing. And so the fun begins! This opens up the chance for Owen and Maddie to reconnect and from the the first moment they see each other again, sparks fly, passions flare and things will never be the same again. I love both of them so much! They are fantastic characters as are the rest of the crew. Can't wait for more!! Stay seated on the swamp boat as the gators aren't the only thing that could get you on the bayou!
  • Sexy Bayou Boys

    By hnobbs
    This was a fabulous book! Owen came across in the first book of the series as a fun, jokey kind of guy so I didn’t know what to expect out of him. All I can say is wow! He soo exceeded what I thought about him. He was such a great guy and underneath that joking exterior he was a guy that loved his family a lot and did what he could to protect them, all without them realizing it. Maddie was the girl that got away or I should say went away. But now she is back but only for a month and in that month she has to be involved with the business that she is trying to sell her shares in. Maddie didn’t like who she was when she lived in the bayou so she left when she was a teenager and she liked her life in California. The only thing is that that life she was a muted version of herself and she was content. When she was with her family in the bayou she was happy and her personality shined through. Maddie didn’t realize that just because she took things to the extreme when she was home didn’t mean that it wasn’t ok to be herself. Once Owen and Maddie were back together while she was home they realized they still loved each other and they brought out the best in each other. They were a great couple and I loved them together right away. They had immediate sexual chemistry that luckily neither of them denied and boy when they got together they were freaking HOT! And the dirty talk- yes please! They both were dirty talkers and they each realized they only did that with each other, it just felt natural and comfortable. All I know is that Erin Nicholas makes it extremely hard to have a favorite hero! For as much as I loved Josh I now equally love Owen and I am expecting the same with Sawyer. You just can’t go wrong with an Erin Nicholas book! I would definitely recommend this book.